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Justin’s World

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Another lovely project to work on alongside the team at Jungle Interactive again. The Justin’s World kids apps were the first pre-school apps in the UK to incorporate live action video footage with the popular CBeebies star Justin Fletcher, MBE. The Justin’s World kids apps have been specifically designed for children across a range of abilities. Justin’s World uses storybooks, games and puzzles.

I created the illustration and interactive animations for the 10 different apps. Each app has unique games like memory, colouring and Jigsaws for kids to have fun with. In addition, the apps also include live action video footage with Justin explaining things or telling a story. The apps have enjoyed number 1 position in the children’s and educational charts as well as Editor’s Choice on the front page of the App Store.

What they say

“I have to say that the quality of the app (illustrations, video and music) is, as expected, fantastic. I particularly liked that these are curriculum based teaching games from the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Primary National Curriculum.”

“The beautiful illustrations and engaging style of Justin will attract and maintain children’s attention from start to finish.”

Educational App Store

“Fun and learning based around the Primary National Strategy; Rhymes and alliteration to reinforce sounds; beautiful illustrations and animations that make learning phonics fun”

Fundamentally Children

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